​​​​Q:What is Gifted Ones, Inc.?​
A: Great question!

Gifted Ones, Inc. (G.O.) is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to providing coaching, program support and development and mentoring to
heart centered and service focused visionaries , who have created a program using their unique gifts to fulfill an identified need in their communities. Gifted Ones helps community members are encouraged and supported to birth their ideas and bring them forth their ideas in a safe and supportive environment that matches their passion and honors their gifts.

The vision of Gifted Ones is to create a cadre of educated, self-sufficient, well-rounded and confident leaders who are committed to their own personal development, building strong families, and serving their communities. Through innovative psycho-educational workshops, we create an environment where we refine and nurture the talents of each individual. 

Gifted Ones, Inc. provides coaching, technical assistance and non-profit management education to individuals who desire to use their unique talents and gifts to transform their lives and maximize their full potential, while being of service to others. Gifted Ones builds strong community partnerships and utilizes a holistic approach to building healthy individuals, families and communities from the inside out.

G.O. places special emphasis on programs that help individuals build positive esteem, break unhealthy patterns and build new and stronger legacies in the areas of financial empowerment, social support and community building, community service and volunteerism. Through support and exposure to education and career options, we build hope in a future that steers individuals toward success and away from the pitfalls of poverty. G.O. believes in education, exposure and opportunity! 

Birth your Dreams, Share your Gifts

Gifted Ones, Inc. Visionaries

(pictured left to right)

Renee Hudson, The PLUG Director

Stacey Gray, Gifted Ones Board Chair

Diazina Mobley, Founder & CEO

Ginnely Carrasco, Board Member